Chapter 1: Wolf and Koi Meet

chapter 1

Once there was a wolf who lived a lonesome life. The wolf was so lonely that he took extreme measures to make friends but unfortunately, the wolf was the most feared animal throughout the lands and the sight of him caused the other animals to run away in terror. He figured that he would never make a friend and just continued to live alone.

One day while the wolf was down by the stream bathing, he noticed a shape in the distance. Figuring it would just cause whoever it was to run away, he stayed where he was, watching from the corner of his eye. He felt a movement by his feet and when he looked down, it was a fish. The wolf smiled at it and the fish did not swim away.

Noticing this, the wolf asked “Why do you not swim away when I bare my teeth?” The fish answered, “For I am a koi, and wolves do not eat fish. If you were a panther I would think twice about approaching you.” The wolf laughed at his response, a good hearty laugh. “You intrigue me fish, shall we be friends?” “Only if you agree not to eat my other friend who is a deer.”

The deer emerged from its hiding spot. Peaceful and beautiful, the wolf stared at it in awe. The deer approached the koi and wolf slowly, bracing itself to run away if need be for the deer did not entirely trust the koi’s decision to make friends with the wolf. There was no need to do such a thing because the wolf, as fearsome as he was, always had a soft spot and bowed before the deer. Delighted by this the deer giggled and did a sort of curtsy back.

“We three shall be friends for generations to come. I will see to that.” The wolf said weeks later. Animals that feared the wolf looked onto his new found friends in awe and wonder. None have ever heard of a deer not fearing a wolf nor a koi hanging out with land dwellers. The animals took their findings to the Higher Ups and they said that it was fine. The world has moved on.

The Higher Ups held a banquet for the wolf, deer, and koi and crowned them kings and a queen. Each ruled a specific part of the world, the koi the ocean, the deer the plains, and the wolf the forest; allowing the deer protection from hunters and predators. Each married to their own species although the wolf had a secret longing for the deer and each had one offspring to rule after they were dead and gone.

The deer had a son and both the koi and wolf had daughters. As promised by the wolf, their children were the best of friends and next in line for each of their respective thrones but children as they were, were defiant of their parents and wanted to see the world on their own. All three met somewhere in the middle of their kingdoms and planned to run away from home.

When each met their 18th birthday, they went to three different points of the world promising to meet in one place when they reached 21. The deer galloped north, the koi swam east, and the wolf ran south. They prayed that their parents wouldn’t pursue them and they didn’t. Their parents figured it would be good for them and decided only to call them back when each lay dying.

And so the three children never had contact for they were not 21 yet.


“And that is my tale.” The girl finished. Both Austin and I sat silent. I’m not sure if Austin believed what she just told us but me, being as I am, believed every word of it.

“Sooooo let me get this straight. You want us to believe that you’re a princess from pretty much some other world where animals can talk? That and our town is a rendezvous point for you and your two friends? AND, let’s not forget this shit, but you’re part wolf too?” Austin asks.

“Yes. I take it you do not believe me.” She says.

“Hell no, do we Jonesy?” he asks me and I stay silent.

“You’re brother believes me…”

“Well that’s because Jonesy here is crazy too. Look, here’s my stop, I got to get off this crazy train and head to work.” Austin says getting up and walks to the door. I stop him before he’s able to leave.


“The hell do you think you’re going?” I whisper fiercely in his ear.

“Chillax Jonesy, I told you I need to go to work so you’re babysittin’ her until I get back. I’m sure she isn’t as crazy as she seems.” He says. I just roll my eyes. He won’t be back until 2 pm but that’s still 7 hours that I’m stuck alone with that girl. I let him walk past me and out the door feeling a little helpless as I turned around to face her.

“My name is Sonya. I promise not to be in your way.” She says quietly and that made me  want to apologize.

“Oh, you won’t be in the way… I don’t really do anything… I’ll uh be outside on the um… porch thingy.” I say awkwardly and head out. Realizing I forgot to tell her to help herself to any of our food I debate on going back in or not. Unfortunately being too nervous to talk to her again, I lay down and lose myself in my thoughts. She can open the door and get me if she needs anything.


I didn’t notice the door open and close nor did I noticed splash in the water was bigger than a normal fish. I just assumed it was one jumping to catch a bug or something, so when a voice spoke to me from the waters I didn’t look up.


“Excuse me but does The Wolf Princess live here?”

“Oh yeah, she’s right inside.” I say.

“Oh good, can you take me inside then?”

I looked up then and saw her. Nearly scared the living hell out of me too. At first I thought she was drowning but soon realized that wasn’t the case at all.

“Because she isn’t yelling for help or struggling…” I say to myself.

“Excuse me?” She asked.

“Oh uh, nothing… let  me help you up.” I say and almost fall off the boat. She giggled and shook her head when I held out my hands.

“I would rather you turn away for a few seconds… I can climb the ladder by myself.”

I did what she asked and less than a minute later she was standing near me, wet and beautiful. I blush in spite of myself for thinking that. I also noticed her clothes she now had on.

“Um… follow me. Sonya should be in the living room.” I say and open the door for her. Sonya, was nowhere to be found. I panicked a little. “Ok… maybe up stairs then?” I say and walk back out the door. I put the blue haired girl in my room and checked around the corner at the port. Nothing. She completely disappeared into thin air.


‘Ok Dallas… don’t panic. You have a hot girl in your room who’s looking for her friend and your nerves are acting up… what would Austin do?’ I think to myself. Knowing Austin he would try and hit on her… but I’m not Austin nor do I have his confidence. I sigh and look up to where she’s situated on my bed, notice her legs and quickly look away blushing even more than I did before.


“I know this may seem crazy but I’m—“

“You’re part fish, Sonya is part wolf and you have a deer friend who.. more than likely, is part deer. You three decided to meet up in a common place and Isla just so happened to be it.” I say cutting her off.

“I see Sonya has told you already… she signaled for us. My name is Asia, but I didn’t catch your name.” she says still looking down at my floor like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

“My name is Dallas but everyone calls me Jonesy.”

“I like Dallas better.” She says quietly and, is that a blush I see? Couldn’t be… I’m too awkward for any girl.

“I hear something…” I say and turn to leave.

“Me too! I think it’s her!” Asia says and I can her the joy in her voice. She trails along behind me and then squeals and yells “SONYA!”


“Tell me everything!” Asia says and I’m distantly reminded of a long ago time in my childhood.

Sonya, who once again appeared out of nowhere sat cross-legged and smiling to her friend. She gave me a look the said beat it and I took the hint.

“You don’t want to come in out of the rain?” I ask,

“The rain does not bother me. Now please go.” Sonya said and I went.

It was a few hours until I noticed that they were still on the roof. Glancing at the clock I noticed it said 12 pm. I figured they must be hungry and with Austin on his way home in a few hours I figured I’d make them lunch. Not knowing what they ate I decided to go up and ask them, whether I was wanted or not.

“Hey do you guys want anything to eat? Austin  should be getting off in a couple of hours and I was—“

“You were going to cook us lunch? How sweet!” Asia says and jumps up.

“We could help you with it. We’re both aspiring chefs.” Sonya says and stands up too.

“Oh, no I can handle it myself. I just wanted to know what you ate is all.” I say feeling slightly embarrassed.

“We’re not taking no for an answer.” They both say and soon I found myself watching the two of them cook.


“This is just like old times isn’t it Sonya? Or at least it would be if Beau was here…”

“I sent a signal out for him. He should meet us tomorrow.”


“Can you believe those people eat fish for a living? It scared the crap out of me!”

“Good thing no one eats wolf, where I went, people worshiped me.” As they talked I couldn’t help but feel more than confused, and a little left out. I wished Austin would be back already so I wouldn’t feel so awkward. At little after 4 he walked in.


“Jonesy~ I’m hoooommmmme~! Hey crazy chick, where’s Jones—“ Austin stops mid-sentence. It was fairly quiet for at least 3 minutes before he talked again, and he didn’t sound like his normal self. “Dallas… what the hell is this?”

I turned around and notice that Asia’s hand is touching mine ever so slightly. I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice though. I was going to speak but then Asia stepped up and it felt like she saved my life when she did.

“My name is Asia and as my friend must’ve told you about our little predicament, I am the koi as she is the wolf.” She says and offers him a little smile.

“Oh, well, that’s interesting… you know Dallas never told me he was having a party today.”

“I’m sorry..?”

“Yeah because he brought two crazy chicks and he himself is the mad hatter.” Austin says making me cringe. The only time when I actually do feel offended when he calls me crazy is when he uses my real name and as if reading my thoughts Asia turns around and offers me an apologetic smile. Then turns back to Austin.


“I can assure you your brother is not crazy nor we. As a matter of fact, I can show you right now if you’d like.” She says with a smirk on her face. I make my way around them to try to get into the All in One bathroom but then Austin stops me right in my tracks.


“Dallas, stop. Asia is it? And other chick—“


“My name is Sonya.”


“—we’re heading outside and you both are going to prove to us… me mostly, that you’re not insane in the membrane.” Austin finishes.


And so we went outside, me dreading what those two were going to do and Austin being skeptical. I never noticed how dark it got out there.


“Ta-da!” Asia says and Austin’s jaw dropped. “Heh heh, take a look at Sonya too. She can’t speak as a wolf but she doesn’t need to.”

“Sigh… this has got to be the freakiest shit… you’re a mermaid? No lie?” Austin asks.

“I don’t think I could lie to you about this…” Asia says and Sonya lets out a bark.

“Ok… I’m a believer… either that or I stepped into the twilight zone. Jonesy… where are they gonna stay?” He asks me and I just shake my head.

“We’re good with sleeping on the floor. I don’t mind.” Asia says.

“Oh ho no… no female living with me shall ever sleep on the floor… but I suppose we’re going to have to buy a few beds…” Austin says and smiles. I dreaded what he had in mind but was grateful he understood the girls predicament. I just hoped he wouldn’t hit on both of them like he normally does with women.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Wolf and Koi Meet

    • Thank you~ I had a dream about wolves, deer and fish a really long while ago and I wanted to write a story about it. I picked the koi because they’re really graceful to me for some reason. Glad you like it!

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