The Wolf Princess: Intro


My life started out simple enough. I was born just like any other kid and was loved greatly like any other kid by my family. Even my older brother didn’t mind having me around. My life changed when our mother died. I was 8, my brother Austin, 11. She died of a brain aneurysm. Our father took care of us until shortly after my  12th birthday. He died too. Car accident. It wasn’t his fault, that truck was speeding… plus the driver was drunk. After that tragedy Austin and I went into foster home after foster home. We didn’t have any close relatives. Nor did Austin want to get close to anyone, not that I minded… I liked being alone.

When Austin turned 18 he got official custody of me and we rented a shitty apartment to start off with.  We both got jobs to help pay the bills and get groceries. It went on like that for a few months then Austin got a better job working with the most successful business in the state. He started going out to clubs to hang with his new friends and left me on my own most days. He was a man-whore, ladies’ man, and gigolo all in one. Although I guess you could say that those are all the same thing. I never minded when he brought home girls, I just stayed in my room while they fucked on the couch. I wrote poetry, I read books, I painted and drew, but most of the time I thought. I had no desire to go out and bang chicks every day of the week or drink nonstop at the clubs. I just wanted to think and dream, and dream and imagine. I lived in my own world, hell, I think I still do. I combined fantasy and reality to fit what I wanted my broken home to be. Austin didn’t notice… or he didn’t care. He just left me to be alone…

My life was, in short, just OK. No mental breakdowns or such. Just me blending what’s real and what isn’t. I knew how to differentiate between the two, but  he moment she walked into my life was the moment I couldn’t anymore… I’m getting ahead of myself. I didn’t even tell you my name or why I’m telling you this. My name is Dallas Jones but everyone calls me Jonesy and I’m writing this so someone can believe what I know. This story is not an elaborate fantasy… even my brother can vouch for that.


“Over and over many setting suns, I have run, I have waited for the rain to come. When through the mist I see the shape of you, and I know that I’m in love with you.” A figure says in the dark room above the dull view of the ocean.

“Dallas oh, Dallas. How do you cope with this?” it asks and after it does someone else answers.

“He doesn’t, he hides from it. He runs from it.”

“I do not. I just blend what’s real and what isn’t.”

“Like the fact that your mother dropped dead in the middle of a parking lot? Or did she just abandon you and your brother?” the other voice says. Softly, barley even a whisper, the figure says “Both.”


“Sigh… I miss you mom.” I say coming back from my fantasy and right before a knock comes on the door.

“Yo, Jonesy, get up and stop moping, I’m taking you out.” Austin, my brother says to me all too cheery.

“Out where…?”

“Out somewhere. Get up will ya? Daylight’s a-wasting.” He says and walks away. I continue to stare up at my ceiling wishing I could paint a landscape on it. I didn’t really want to go, knowing Austin it would be where there were hot girls in little to hardly any clothing. I get nervous around girls. It seems to be a curse that only I have.

“Get your ass out of your room Jonesy!” I hear Austin yell from the steering wheel. We live on a boathouse now… I kinda miss our apartment. I get up and head out to where Austin is.


“Where are you taking the house?” I ask.

“Out there into the ocean blue. We’re going on a little adventure. And don’t you dare try to talk me out of this.” He says.

“Alright fine. It wouldn’t do any good anyway.”

“I know, and take that damn hat off, it’s the middle of summer.” He says to me. It wouldn’t be the first nor last time he says it to me.

“You know I can’t Austin, just like you can’t take off that necklace. It’s her memory, mothers…”


“Yeah… mom’s. Sad we don’t have anything from that old bastard.” He says moodily.

“You shouldn’t call him that. Daddy loved us Austin. He showed it every day since mother died and when he died—“

“Dallas… shut up will you? I don’t want to finish my day off with you blabbering on about our parents death.”

“I’m sorry…” I whisper.

“You’re sorry for everything… but anyway, let’s just enjoy this adventure.” Austin says.

I stood there for another moment then I went downstairs to eat.



Later that day, around 6 I feel the house boat stop. I didn’t come out to check out what was happening; I was too nervous I guess you could say. I could hear Austin mumbling to himself and then he walked to my door.

“Well Jonesy, I think you’ll like this surprise. It’s too late to continue our adventure right now but be prepared in the morning.” He says. I can hear the smirk in his tone. I worry all night about what tomorrow will bring.


“Jonesy, you’re not dressed!” I hear Austin say from behind me.

“I am dressed… “

“No you aren’t. Take a look at me, I’m dressed for this surprise today.”

I glance back at him and see he’s in his swim shorts. Assuming we had to swim somewhere made me sigh. I put my spoon down and got up, not bothering to clean up my bowl of cereal.

“You want me to get in my swim trunks then? Where, exactly, are we going? We’re in the middle of the ocean.” I say.

“Like I said before, an adventure. And lose the hat while you’re at it. Don’t want it getting ruined by the water now do you?” Austin says and walks out the door.


A few minutes later and we’re both on the front “porch”.

“Aw dude! I said lose the hat.”

“I did… this is my back up hat. You know I have to wear one all the time… they keep me safe.” I say a little embarrassed.

“Jonesy… you concern me… you’re mental health that is. I digress, let’s get to that island behind us and check it out.” He says.

“Don’t you have work? Yesterday was your day off.”

“Alfonso can wait. Family bonding moments are what he’s all about. Now let’s hit the water.”

We did, and soon a small island came into view.


“Yo, Jones, think there’s hot babes on this island?”

“No Austin. As a matter of fact I don’t think anyone lives on this island… it’s too small.” I say through mouthfuls of water.

“Awww you’re like a constant downer huh Jonesy?”

“Shut up.” When we got to shore my mood improved a little.


“Well this is nice. No one around… I could think here.” I say.

“You mean fantasize about what will never be? Yeah, sure kid, go ahead and do that. I’ll be searching for some place to build a resort.”

“THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE? Dammit Austin. You could’ve just rented out a place on land and we cou—“

“Hey, look. There’s a girl there.” He says cutting me off mid-outburst.


“Well I’ll be damned. And you said there weren’t any hot girls here.” He says and steps forward. “ ’Scuse me! Do you live here? If so I am sorry to say that I will be building a resort here so you’ll have to move.”

“Austin… did you even hear here appear? She was just there and—“

“Stop being a downer Jonesy. Be an upper, like crack.”

“Austin…” I start but stop knowing it wouldn’t do any good.

The girl walked over to us silently. She only said two sentences when she got close.


“I am The Wolf Princess. I will need shelter.”


4 thoughts on “The Wolf Princess: Intro

  1. wow, Austin and Dallas couldn’t be any more different could they. I really like that you mentioned the items they always wear because of their mother, I thought that was a nice touch and it made the characters really realistic to me. I’m really interested about the wolf princess, and wonder if she’s been ship wrecked or something?

    • Aw, thank you! And I wanted them to be complete opposites because if they were the same I would get bored of them really quickly. And not shipwrecked so to speak, more like living on a deserted island until she feels like moving lol.

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