Pressure: A Psychiatric Sims Evaluation Challenge

Hello readers, today I bring you a new challenge I found out about today. Its called the Psychiatric Evaluation Challenge and the rules are as follows:


  1. Create a single sim.
    • Male/Female your choice
    • Occult your choice.
    • Age: Young Adult or Adult
    • Appearance & Clothing: You choice
    • Traits: Choose 3 yourself with the last 2 being Insane and Absent Minded.
    • Favorites and such your choice
  2. Place this sim on a lot. I suggest the smaller the better.
  3. Go to Build/buy mode and create a simple 2 room house.
    1. All furnishings should be the cheapest available in your game that is by EA. This includes base game, EPs, SPs and store content.
    2. Room 1: Living Area
      • Single bed
      • 1 dining table
      • 1 dining chair
      • 1 refrigerator
      • 1 counter
      • 1 trash can or you can use “moveobjects on” and place the Large Outdoor trashcan inside.
      • 1 ceiling light
    3. Room 2: Bathroom
      • toilet
      • shower
      • 1 sink
      • 1 mirror
      • 1 ceiling light
    4. Cover all walls and floors with your choice of materials.
    5. Place only 1 door.
    6. No Windows in the house at all.
    7. There should be no decorative objects anywhere in the house.
    8. No objects other than those listed above, no fun and no skilling.
  1. Before you start, double check your sims inventory and move everything to the family inventory.
  2. Tell you Sim to Enter the House
  3. Once inside lock the door to Everyone. This way your sim can not leave.


  1. You may NOT direct your sim in any way. This includes sleep, food and the bathroom.
  2. You should remove any Mod that will reset a sim. (like Overwatch)
  3. No sim mood altering Mods of any kind
  4. No using testingcheatsenabled
  5. Your sim should be Unemployed
  6. Free Will should be set to High
  7. You may lock wishes, but not do anything to actually fulfill them.
  8. If by chance your sim gains enough Lifetime reward point, you may spend them how you choose.
  9. If your sim escapes or dies the challenge ends.

Considering I love to modify rules to fit my style of game play I am doing this with 2 sims. I don’t expect them to live long but then again they might surprise me. Everything else in the rules, I followed… well I added 2 counters and instead of a single bed I added a double. Also, I never take out my mods unless the game updates. I was going to do this as a complete test run with no documentation but I’ve changed my mind. Which is why I’m posting this. Day 1, Sunday went well. Right now its only 12:34 AM on Monday.

Screenshot-790As you can tell the day events already happened. The university mascot came and left the welcome package and the time portal appeared. Also the newspaper was delivered but I moved it inside hoping they might read it. No one has touched it. For lunch they ate autumn salad.


I probably should’ve made their house smaller but oh well. My subjects of evaluation are two sims I created a while ago for a short story/poem.

Screenshot-792Ayame Grace is subject #1. Her traits are as followed:

  • Insane
  • Unstable
  • Absent Minded
  • Social Butterfly
  • Rebellious

Having ‘Unstable’ as a trait, I fear the most for her.

Screenshot-793Harmony Perish is subject #2. His traits are as followed:

  • Hates the Outdoors
  • Insane
  • Absent Minded
  • Genius
  • Eccentric

He doesn’t seem to do much anyway except socialize with Ayame. He was also the first one into bed and since Ayame and Harmony aren’t friends, Ayame is stuck talking with herself.


Monday exactly at 7:00 AM, Harmony wakes up and Ayame hops into bed. Don’t ask about their outfits, this was supposed to be a test run remember?

Harmony starts the day off by arguing with himself.Screenshot-795

Then he decides to take a shower with a shirt on… interesting.

Screenshot-796After that he helps himself to some leftover autumn salad. Good thing Ayame put the food up.

Screenshot-797Harmony is the first one to touch the garbage can and newspaper! Since it’s a day old that’s probably what was causing them to have a ‘filthy surroundings’ moodlet.

Screenshot-798Besides talking to himself, heckling Ayame is the next best thing. I might buy them separate beds. Or to make this even more interesting, keep the double bed plus buy them separate beds. It might be interesting if they become romantic.

So far their moods are as followed:

Harmony is doing better by having all his needs fulfilled and is in the green. Ayame on the other hand, is in the orange. She went to bed slightly hungry.

Screenshot-799Ayame woke up feeling out of sorts, done by her unstable trait. Then she went to go grab some leftovers.


Her face says that she wasn’t very happy about eating leftovers from a cheap fridge.

Screenshot-801Afterwards she proceeded to act agitated… with the same disgusted look on her face.

Screenshot-802Finally Harmony got tired of talking with himself and started talking to Ayame.

Screenshot-803Harmony broke the toilet…

Screenshot-804…while Ayame was acting agitated again along with making a funny face.

It is now day 3, Tuesday. 2:00 AM in the morning and something interesting happened:

ayatraitchangeIt’s a little hard to read but it says: Ayame Grace has experienced a personality swap from being delusional. She no longer has the following traits: Insane, Social Butterfly, Rebellious. Ayame Grace will now have the following traits: Loser, Can’t Stand Art, Hopeless Romantic. If she does not get admitted  to the hospital soon, the new traits will become permanent.

Since she can’t leave the house… looks like she’s stuck with those new traits. Their moodlets standings are:

Ayame: Orange

Harmony: Yellow

Oh, as for wishes, Ayame has three and Harmony has three. They both want to make friends but they argue constantly. Let’s hope that they can fulfill at least one wish with Ayame’s new traits.

As you can probably also tell, I went ahead and bought a single bed. I want them to be on the same sleep/wake schedule.

Screenshot-805They both proceeded to go to sleep around 5:30 AM.

Screenshot-806At 2:00 PM, they both woke up and Ayame wanted to eat buuuuut the autumn salad was spoiled.

Screenshot-807Apparently Harmony thought she was bluffing and decided to have some himself.

Screenshot-808He figured out she wasn’t lying.

Screenshot-809Ayame decided to try again but soon failed due to Harmony standing in the way of the chair and refusing to let her sit down. She got fed up and went to wash the dishes then.


Which just so happens to break the sink… Also, I don’t think it’s normally for her to be standing in the sink.

Screenshot-811Good news is, Harmony made more salad. At least they won’t starve.

At on that note I’ll end here. It’s now 7:00 PM on Tuesday. Maybe one of them will fix the sink later on.

















3 thoughts on “Pressure: A Psychiatric Sims Evaluation Challenge

    • I’ve noticed lots of people never had a personality swap. It only occurs with the unstable trait lol whenever new traits come with an EP I try them out just to see what its like. I’m hoping to update this along with my other stories I got going on but I need to wait for my new computer.

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