6° of Separation- 1st°: Reese


“You know doc, I honestly don’t think you can help me.” I say staring out my psychiatrist’s office window.

“We’ll just see Reese. Now sit down and tell me where this all started.” She says to me. Where it all started? Hell I’m not even sure of that myself. “Reese? Talk to me.” She requests again. I walk back to the couch and take a seat. I stare at my hands for a moment contemplating where to start off.

“Well I guess the best place to start off would be the day I decided to put up a help wanted sign for our motel.” I say more to myself than to her.

“Good, let’s start there.” Dr. Audrey says with a charming smile on her lips.

“But all this didn’t start when we owned the motel. It started way before that, before we even came to this country…” I trail off, interlacing my fingers together and bringing them apart in a rhythmic fashion.


“Then do you want to tell me about that? About your ‘before’?” “No, I’ll start from when we moved here. That would be more relevant.” “Alright, if you think that’s best. So, tell me.” Dr. Audrey leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes waiting for me to begin. I could tell she was beginning to get a headache which normally happens when she’s “evaluating” me.

“I don’t live with just my brother. It’s also his youngest son and Dennis, a young acrobat who is I guess down on his luck. Oh, and Little Miss Nanami. But mostly, this animosity is between Lucian and I.” I begin.

“Why do you call her that?” Dr. Audrey interrupts. “She’s short… that and I think it’s her that caused my sudden resentment toward Lucian.”

“Alright, continue on.” But I didn’t for a moment. My mind was somewhere else, thinking about why I decided our house even needed what I hired Nanami for. “Reese…?” “Sorry, I was gone. Uh, it was a Tuesday when she came to us. I was making drinks, Lucian playing pool by himself, Jackson watching him… I don’t know where Dennis was at the time nor do I care. But anyway, the doorbell rang and I told Jackson to go get it.”



“Can I help you?” Jackson asks peering out the doorway.

“Oh um, My name is Nanami… Nanami Aiko?” the girl says unsure of herself. Jackson thought for a moment, he heard the name somewhere before but he wasn’t sure where. And then it came to him.

“Ah! You’re our new maid, yeah?” he smiles and the smile is sweet enough but Nanami is still nervous about living with four guys. Why did she take this job again? Was it because of her boyfriend throwing her out or the fact that she wanted to be far away from him and her family? It doesn’t matter now because she’s here, at the new place where she’ll live. She looks up to the young man and nods. He smiled even wider at her. “Well let me introduce you to your boss then. Come in.” He says and she follows his lead.


“You know it’s odd that someone like you would want this job.” Jackson says leading her up the stairs. “Is it really? You don’t really know my past now do you?” Nanami counters. He chuckles and doesn’t say anymore until they reach the living room which was dreadfully empty.


“Reese, she’s here.” Jackson says simply and waits for his uncle to acknowledge another presence. Soon enough he does and walks around from the bar.


“Well well! I was expecting someone totally different. Someone… not so short.” Reese says standing in front of her.

“Reese… watch yourself.” Lucian says walking over to where they were.

“Shut it Lucian. Anyway your name is Nanami correct? Cute… I’m Reese, this is my brother Lucian and his son Jackson.” “I can see the resemblance. Isn’t there one more?” Nanami asks. Reese looked baffled for a moment then remembered Dennis. He looked toward his brother and started to say something then stopped.

“Dennis… actually we haven’t seen him lately. He’s like a ninja, ha!” Reese laughs but the other two don’t and Nanami can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

“He’s probably at his girlfriend’s house.” Jackson says and Lucian nods. “Eh, you’ll meet him soon enough, but for now, let me make you aware of your duties.” Reese says and led her around the house.



“Alright Reese, your time is just about up.” Dr. Audrey says standing up and stretching.

“You say that like you’re about to kill me doc.” “You know I would never.” “No matter how much I give you a headache?” “You don’t give me a headache Reese, my other patients do. Anyway, I think we made some good progress.” Dr. Audrey says.

“We didn’t do anything… These hours go by quick.” I say and Dr. Audrey comes over to me. “Well yes they do when you tell a story. But believe you me, we are making progress. Now go home and get some rest. We’ll start back Thursday ok?” “Fine.” I confirm taking notice of how the sun was already beginning to set. I bid my psychiatrist a farewell and head home, to where most of my problems are.


Author’s note: I like this challenge so far and I have a few ideas for the rest of this degree. I hoped you enjoyed it at least a little or it piqued your interest, I didn’t want to give out too much information in the first installment of this because then it’ll be really short and I’ll be scrambling to find new ideas for the end so yeah. Anyway thanks for reading! Comments and feedback are welcomed 🙂


4 thoughts on “6° of Separation- 1st°: Reese

  1. I’m intrigued to read more. Interesting start in a therapist office. Six degrees are fun, I love them. I might attempt one when I finish my story some day, rofl. I hope you continue this story cause it’s great so far!!

    • Thank you! I just realized I didn’t reply to this and it’s been here for 6 days. That’s what I get for celebrating my birthday for about 2 weeks xD. But yeah, I will continue it, hopefully I can get the next installment out today lol.

      • Glad to see your still writing. I used to see you all the time at my blog. I had massive problems with my legacy and my saves got corrupted, so I had to start another. Stupid sims games. Oh well. I’m glad your still writing and playing sims. Glad to see ya again. 🙂

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