6° of Separation- 1st°: Reese 2

Warning: Strong Language, Slight Nudity


Waking up from my sound sleep to silence is the most disturbing thing I have to live with. Not that I inherently minded it but sometimes it’s unsettling. Now-a-days Lucian is in the study writing some novels, Jackson is off at work, Dennis is… I assume he’s also working, and Nanami is the quietest ‘maid’ I’ve ever known. Now that I think about it she’s just a girl I hired to clean our house and decorate it because it is, I will admit, way too big for 4 guys. But mostly anyone would’ve done for the job as long as they weren’t seedy but Nanami caught my attention because… Because what? She was cute to me? Yeah, because she was cute. She has the face of someone who could steal your heart even if you guarded it well.

I shuffled downstairs as quietly as I could into the kitchen when I noticed I wasn’t the only one up. Lucian was up too making what seemed like breakfast. I walked over to a chair and pulled it out.


“You cooking for the whole house or just yourself?” I ask him.

“It’s for anyone who’s here.” He replies.

“Meaning Jackson is gone to open up the bakery, Dennis is…?”

“God knows where.” “…and Nanami?” “I think she’s still asleep.” “So just you and me in these early morning hours? How romantic.” I say, cocking a grin when he looked back at me.

“What are you doing up anyway Reese? Shouldn’t you be stuck up in your room doing whatever it is you do?” he asks.

“I should but getting up early and in odd hours is my way of life you know. Whatcha makin’ anyway?” “French toast.” He says bringing a plate over to wear I wasn’t sitting. I got up slowly, reluctantly, and moved there. Soon he brought the food over and slid it on my plate. He sat down with his own plate and began to eat.


“You aren’t eating what I cook now?” he asks glancing over at me. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to. Lucian was the only person, besides Jackson, that cooked in the house. I took extra time in picking up my fork and jabbing it into a slice of French toast, ripping off a moist piece and placing it in my mouth. “Did you have to do it that slow?” “Considering this will probably be the only food I get to eat all day until I get home, yes.” I answer blandly.


For what seemed like after an eternity, I was finally done with my breakfast. I pushed my plate away and sighed. “What?” Lucian asks looking at me. “Nothing, I just don’t feel like going to work today.” “Hmm… well before you go tell me this, how’d it go yesterday?” “How’d what go?” I question. He just stared at me waiting for me to answer. I held his gaze for a moment and then dropped it.

“I told her about you… and my sudden hatred for you. Next session is Thursday.” I say and get up from the table. “This sudden ‘hatred’ you have for me feels like a sham. You know it only started when Nanami turned you down. Why its directed toward me I don’t know…” “You don’t–? Because Lucian, you’re—ugh, it doesn’t matter.” I snap at him.

“I think it does matter. Tell your psych that, maybe you can stop spending your money on it. You know, if you just admit it.” He says and walks out of the room. Admit what exactly? That that whole ‘Nanami Denial’ is the reason why I can’t stand to be around him for more than an hour anymore? Right, that must be it. I go to put on my clothes with that thought swirling around in my head. Of course, it’s my own opinion but maybe I shouldn’t blame Lucian for it. But who else could I blame if not my twin?


Screenshot-1308 Screenshot-1304

Around 2 I shirk my responsibilities of being a doctor, passing off my work to our new enthusiastic, wide-eyed preppy, happy to do practically anything, intern… even if it is only paperwork. Hell the kid’s gotta learn sometime, might as well start now. It started raining soon after and by the time I got to the mall, I didn’t even feel like shopping anymore. I went to go grab a seat by the food court to dry off before walking back to work when a voice spoke up.


“Reese? Is that actually you?” I look up from where I’m sitting to look straight into the eyes of my ex. Fuck, fuck, and more fuck. This isn’t happening, this can’t be happening.

“I haven’t seen you in forever.” She says as she walks over to me. “Ha, ha… yeah. How are you Willow?” I ask. Please say fine and be done with me. I silently pray that she will say that and just end it but things hardly go as you want them to be.

“I’m doing alright. How about yourself?”

“Great, great… uh, is there something you wanted or…?” I trail off averting my eyes from her gaze. “Actually yeah there is. This may sound silly but I was thinking we could hang out, for old times’ sake.” “I have work.” I came up with the lamest excuse I could muster.

“Work? Oh please Reese, you and I both know that you hate your job. Plus, unless you have a different schedule now, you’re supposed to be at work right now instead of here, at the mall.” Willow says in her take-no-nonsense tone. And she was right, I was supposed to be at work but I was also planning on quitting today. Or even better, I could get fired today. That would at least give me more reason to talk to my psychiatrist.  “Hello? Earth to Reese?” “Sorry Willow, I was thinking. I guess hanging out couldn’t hurt. We could catch up.” I say and she smiles, takes out a pen and paper, jots down her address, and hands it to me.

“I have work until 6 so come around then.” She says and darts off. I sat where I was for a moment debating on whether or not to chase after her and cancel but there wouldn’t be a point. I didn’t have any plans for tonight and maybe being with Willow would raise my spirits. After all, it wasn’t like we had a bitter break up. 6 hours to waste and I might as well go to the festival in town.



When I arrived I headed straight for the concession stand. I didn’t plan on eating anything else besides breakfast but I realize how hungry I am and I really don’t want Willow cooking for me. I have enough problems for one lifetime.



I grab a funnel cake, one of my favorite desserts, and sit down to enjoy it. I glance around the festival and notice that besides the vendors, I’m the only one here. Sighing, I finish the last of my food and get up to throw the trash away. I actually wasted more time doing random things at the festival and when I checked the time it was almost 7. Shit Reese, you’re probably in trouble now. But I didn’t care. I simply made my way to my car and to where Willow now resides.



Pulling up to her house was… let’s just say she’s doing well for herself and I didn’t expect it. I step out of my car, walk up to the door and hit the doorbell. To my surprise, my niece opened up the door.

“Hey uncle Reese. What are you doing here?” she says with a knowing smile.

“I could ask you the same question Star but I’m guessing you’re friends with Willow.” I say and she nods. “I was just leaving actually, you can go on in. Willow said that you’d probably be late anyway.” Star says and move around me. “It was great seeing you, remind me to visit dad sometime ‘kay? We can talk more.” And soon Star disappeared in her car. I cautiously step into the house and call out. “Willow?” And she comes from around the corner in, I assume, her pajamas.

“Took you long enough to get here. Come in, stop holding the door open.” She says slightly pouting. “Yeah sorry, I got caught up wasting time. Nice house you got here.” “Uh huh, I live here with my roommate.” She says and I raise an eyebrow. “Not Star, if you’re wondering. Her daughter. I needed a roommate and Sammi needed out. It all works out in the end.”

“So that’s why Star was here…” I say sitting down on her couch.

“Star was here because I called her but that’s not important now. Wanna watch a movie?” she asks as she sits down next to me. “I have some action ones, comedy, thriller…”

“Any horrors?” “Plenty of those.” Willow says hopping off the couch to look through her array of DVD’s. “How about Children of Sorrow? Ever seen it?”

“No, is it good?” “It’s… something. I wouldn’t call it horror but it is borderline scary. At least to me. Oh and let me get some snacks out.” She says pushing the DVD in. “That’s alright, I’m not the least bit hungry.” I stop her and she shrugs.

“Suit yourself Reese, but I need something to munch on when I’m watching a movie.” Willow says walking to her kitchen. She came back with a few drinks and something to eat for herself. “Want a beer?” She asks not waiting for my response and passing me one. I take it from her muttering thanks. She gave me wry smile pressing play on the remote. “Relax Reese, you act like you can’t be yourself with me.” “Let’s just watch the movie.” I say slowly sipping my beer and she complied by taking a bite out of one of her cake pastry.


One movie turned into 4. Willow’s one beer turned into 3 and a Coke. My one beer stayed one plus a Pepsi. By the end of the fourth movie she looked bored and a little drunk. As I was reaching for my soda she said “I’m getting sleepy.” “I should be going then.” She didn’t respond, just yawned, got up, and started collecting her trash. She dropped a few things and I picked them up for her, carrying them to the garbage.

“Well tonight was fun, wouldn’t you say?” she asks me. “Mhmm. Even though I didn’t plan to stay this long. Sorry about that.” “Don’t worry about it, it was my fault anyway. I didn’t want to be alone for this week.” She says getting closer to me. I should’ve known this was about to go horribly wrong when she did that but I didn’t register my red flags until it was too late.


This is wrong. This is bad. This isn’t how tonight was supposed to go. I don’t want to do this… so why am I kissing her back? Frantic thoughts fly through my mind all the while we’re having a make-out session. Perhaps it was the beer I had clouding my judgment but I couldn’t stop. I… I think I… I want more of her. I need more of her. Those two thoughts became the dominant ones out of the bunch and I found myself being dragged upstairs by Willow.



She shed her clothes without breaking the kiss except to take off her top. I had time to register another thought before she ripped off my clothes; she planned this and I didn’t focus on anything else but her that night. Surely this won’t come back to bite me in this ass right?



Author’s note: Sorry guys, I planned to get this out sooner but I hardly had time to play my game. I just started shadowing vet techs for my school (transferred from my old one) earlier this month. I’ll be done with it September 15th and between that and trying to find a job so I can adopt another puppy/get a new computer/ help pay bills it’s been sorta frustrating for me. But! The good news is I can write this to relieve stress so yay! I hope to get the next installment out soon. Thanks for reading ❤